Panasonic Launched Its New 2016 TVs Lineup

panasonic DX902

Panasonic launched its latest models of 4K Pro UHD LED Viera TVs, and the brand new DX series packs Firefox OS. Leading this lineup is the flagship DX902. This new high-end display is slated to produce stunning picture images due in part to its new honeycomb-structure local dimming tech which will allow the DX902 to deliver both bright highlights and deep blacks.

2016 TVs Lineup comes with the Ultra HD Premium tag, the first TV from Panasonic to carry this new badge. It provides direct illumination through Panasonic’s Honeycomb system, so it’s slightly thicker than some of the other flagships out there, but this gives extra control over lighting across the panel thanks to hundreds of separate dimming zones.

panasonic DX902

Panasonic claims the DX902’s ultra-transmissive LCD cells can deliver up to 1,000 nits of peak brightness across a wider portion of screen than conventional HDR LCD TVs.

The DX902 also features a new super accurate Studio Master HCX+ chipset and a LCD panel which will assist in the delivery of an outstanding 4K UHD picture image.

Other highlights of the panasonic led tv 2016 DX Series feature high dynamic range (HDR) capability for enhanced picture brightness and contrast.

There are other capable devices in the lineup, as well. For example, the DX802 also comes in 2 variants: a 50- and a 58-inches. The DX750 has three possible sizes: a 50-, a 58- and a 65-inches model. The DX700 goes even smaller, with a 40-, a 50- and a 58-inches variant. The smallest of the bunch are the DX650 and the DX600, both of which provide 3 variants: a 40-, a 49- and a 55-inches model.

Panasonic did not release any pricing information, but we know that the DX series lands in Europe before other markets.