pause box

Pause, a newly product just designed to encourage phone-free routines to improve the quality of time spent at home and in the workplace, started sales via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

pause box

The origin story for Pause goes like this — Israeli inventor Yuval Lazi was having dinner at the home, but found himself on his smartphone. His kid, exasperated from trying to get dad’s attention, told him that to put his smartphone away. So, if you thought this was a generational problem brought on by those awful kids and the Minecraft e-celebrities, chew on that one for a while. The moment told Lazi he needed to make a change, so then he made Pause. Pause is a metal box that can hold three phones, and is made partly of materials which can block Wi-Fi and network signals. That is about it, but you can get one with leather at a higher funding tier.

Pause is based on the concept of a Faraday cage, an enclosure that blocks the electric fields. When a user put her phone into the box and just closes the lid, Pause interferes with surrounding radio waves, transforming them into electric fields and heat, according to company. That means no signals get through and the phone will not elicit that familiar ping.

The company is offering boxes for $40 in an Indiegogo campaign and hopes to raise $36,000 in the next month.

We know what you are thinking — we were thinking it too. Why drop $40 on a Faraday box when you can just silence your phone or toss it in a drawer?

‘If people can put their phones in a drawer or turn them off then we absolutely encourage them to do so,’ Lazi said that ‘The sad truth is that most people never do.’

For this reason Lazi thinks that Pause is more than a gimmick — it just could serve as a constant reminder to disconnect by creating a phone-free zone for families and firms.