Sphero App-Enabled BB-9E Droid Comes Out With Droid Trainer


Sphero’s back to making Star Wars toys. To mark the upcoming release of The Last Jedi, the company is introducing a BB-8 counterpart: BB-9E, a dark droid from the new movie. It works in the same way Sphero’s BB-8 toy does; users can drive BB-9E around, watch Star Wars movies with it (the droid doesn’t have a gender yet), and have it patrol an area.

Sphero App-Enabled BB-9E Droid Design

This is an formally licensed and rather outstanding app-enabled droid inspired by means of BB-9E from the universe of Star Wars. The droid measures 7.3cm huge by means of 9cm tall and weighs approx 223g. As we can see from the images, it flawlessly provides us BB-9E, a black-plated astromech droid inside the provider of the primary Order. In contrast to the BB-8 droid, the BB-9E features a squarer domed head and the sleek black outdoors emits the electricity of the dark aspect of the force. in the meantime, the compact form thing allows it to freely wander on the ground of your private home.


Sphero App-Enabled BB-9E Droid Features

Using built-in Bluetooth technology the BB-9E droid wirelessly connects with your smartphone or tablet, so you can effortlessly control it with your mobile device, and its augmented reality Droid Trainer allows it to keep rolling optimally. Furthermore, with its app you can also explore holographic environments such as the First Order’s Supremacy Meta Star Destroyer and the galaxy from Star Wars.

Moreover, when you watch Star Wars films, your BB-E9 will react by your side, and it also interacts with other Sphero’s Star Wars droids including the BB-8 and R2-D2 droids.

Sphero App-Enabled BB-9E Droid Price

Sphero App-Enabled BB-9E already released globally on September 1st with R2-D2 costing $179 and BB-9E costing $149.99. They will work with the previously released Force Band controller in November, as well as the Sphero education app.