The Positive Effects Of Video Gaming On Children


You don’t have to trawl through any newspaper to hear about the adverse impact of video games on children. And every time there is a terrible incident – such as a high school shooting – you can bet that ‘violent video games’ will always get a mention. But is this the case? The good news for all us gaming fans is that we have plenty of evidence that says gaming can be perfect for kids. Here are some of the arguments you can use the next time someone raises an invalid opinion about the effects of gaming on young minds.


Memory and learning

Playing games can help strengthen vital brain cell connections between memory and learning. It’s easy to see why – gaming is, after all, about learning from your mistakes and making better choices next time around.

Social benefits

The days of looking at gaming fans and thinking they are loners who never leave their bedroom are over. In fact, gaming has become an almost entirely social experience. Open word RPG Games give you the opportunity to develop social connections with people from all over the globe. Games such as Pokemon Go encourage you to go out and make real world connections, too. So, forget the mainstream media opinion that gamers are loners – it’s about as far from the truth as you can get.

Broad education

There are plenty of studies that suggest children learn better when playing games. And, it’s one of the key reasons why so many schools use educational games to teach their children everything from math to English.

Logical thinking and decision-making

Simple puzzle games can help kids develop better abilities in logical thinking and decision making. Consider games such as Tetris – children have to make quick decisions about how to guide shapes to the right place. Studies have shown a lot of activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which controls decision-making.

Spatial awareness and coordination

3D games can help kids develop better spatial awareness. Think about games like Minecraft, and how you have to rotate and manipulate 3D objects to achieve your goals. Hand-eye coordination is also a vital skill that kids need – and video games help them develop their ability. Even the often criticized shoot ‘em up genre is a brilliant platform for kids. It helps them in improving perception, cognition and attention, amongst plenty of other skills.

Physical activity

The launch of the Nintendo Wii a few years back was a revelation for parents. For the first time, video gaming in the home could be an entirely physical experience. The platform actively encourages children to get up, move, dance, and make lots of strenuous movements. It’s a workout with a lot of fun involved – and a godsend to many parents on a rainy day.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of video gaming when it comes to developing the brains of children. So, the next time someone criticizes your hobby, we hope you have plenty of ammunition for a comeback. In moderation, video games can improve vital skills in children and help them become natural problem solvers. And as we all know, the world needs more of those than ever right now.