Building A Gaming Rig

Building A Gaming Rig

So, you want to get into PC gaming?

There are plenty of options for you then! You can use your pre-existing laptop or desktop, you can buy a gaming PC from any number of manufacturers, or you can build your own.

For value and power – building your own gaming PC is the best option – by far. You get to choose the components and parts.

Building A Gaming Rig

Why not choose a console though? Well a PC for little above the cost of an Xbox One or PS4 is going to tower above the two consoles in terms of power. The consoles are catching up with PC’s and you do need to spend a fair bit to see the real difference, but still – you are going to get more bang for your buck with a PC you’ve built yourself.

Start off with the basics. Get the case, operating system (Windows 10) and motherboard. Make sure the case can fit your motherboard and that the motherboard can fit in the case. Then ensure you have enough cables on offer to link up the case features like the fan and USB ports to the motherboard. Then ensure you have enough screws to mount the motherboard onto the case. The basic shape of the computer is formed.

Next – choose a good power supply. You don’t have to go overboard and get something that will power Optimus Prime, just make sure it has enough juice for all of your components – it is simple math at this point.

Next up is the RAM – RAM acts as a virtual desk for your gaming – the bigger the desk, the more area you have to operate. 16GB will be more than enough here and should be relatively futureproof – just be sure to operate on a 64bit operating system. If your RAM is in order, you’ll cut out a lot of problems.

The CPU and the GPU are the two essential components for gaming – but if you are aiming for the best gaming experience, treat the GPU or graphics card with more respect. If push comes to shove, spend more on the graphics card. However, that doesn’t mean you can pair it with a basic processor. If you graphics card is going to severely limit the processor you can afford, check your expectations.

A monitor is an absolute essential for the PC gamer. Why? Well a bad monitor is going to restrict your graphics card and its output. Most games want to ideally run at a refresh rate of 60 frames per second, but a cheaper monitor will fail to display this. What does it mean? Well – it means that you will be wasting money. There are plenty of features that makes the best gaming monitor so go out there and get a good monitor that can actually harness the power of your new computer.

Finally, get a good keyboard and mouse that will work well and are comfortable to use. Once all of this is in order, you can get gaming. The exact parts? Well that is research you’ll have to do!