What Video Game Genre Is The Best For You?

console gamers

Ask any gamer what their favourite game is and they’ll probably reel off a long list of titles across multiple genres. There are so many amazing games out there, and so many different game genres too. What I want to talk about today, is what game genre is the best one for you? What type of game will you enjoy more than others? There may be some genres on this list that don’t appeal to you, and that’s fine! Everyone has different likes and tastes. Hopefully, by the end of it, you’ll figure out what one is the best for you.

console gamers


MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Yes, it’s a mouthful, there’s no wonder it’s shortened to MMORPG! These games are commonly found on the PC and involve lots of time and effort. Usually, they’re all about creating a character and leveling them up by doing quests or missions. There are plenty of subtypes within this genre, the most common of which is a fantasy MMORPG. These games have been hugely popular for years, and are for people that like hardcore gaming. If you want to dive into a new world and play with loads of other people, this is for you. One of the most played MMORPGs was Cabal, a game set in a fantasy world. Now, you can discover fantastic features on Cabal 2, the latest installment of the game. If you want to play your first MMORPG, this is a franchise to consider diving into.

FPS Games

This next game type is extremely popular amongst console gamers. FPS stands for first person shooter and is all about guns and violence. You play the game from the point of view of the main protagonist, shooting enemies and saving the day. Most of these games will have online modes where you can play against other people, either in teams or on your own. It’s taken off in the competitive gaming scene too. With millions of dollars on the line for some of the best FPS games. If I had to recommend a first person shooter game, I’d go old school and say Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This game was way ahead of it’s time, and is still the best shooter on consoles, in my opinion of course.

Sports Games

The final game type I’ll discuss are sports games. Everyone loves to play their favourite sports and become engaged in a different reality. What’s better than leading your soccer team to glory on FIFA? Or winning the super bowl on Madden? Sports games allow us to become our favourite players and do things we can’t do in real life. If you’re a sports lover, you’ll thoroughly enjoy playing sports games.

I’m aware there are lots of other game types out there, but these are the big three. If you look at the top video games around, I bet most will fall into these three categories. Take a look at them and figure out what genre is best for you. For me, I’m definitely an FPS kind of guy!