Strong is the New Healthy


Are you overwhelmed by the excess of information on health, fitness dieting, weight loss and the never ending list of foods that may, possible, perhaps contribute to cancer? IT’s enough to make even the most determined individual give up. Where should you start to uncover some sense and direction in this maze of over information? Follow these back to basics recommendations from the professionals and you’ll soon be on your way to a healthy life style.


It’s easy to step on the scale and measure your weight. Measuring how healthy your lifestyle is – not so easy. When you think about healthy life style habits, break this down into four key categories and just be mindful of each every day – don’t obsess. Food choices, moderate exercise, sleep and strong relationships are the anchors of a healthy life style. Avoid the temptation to set a stringent goal for weight loss, strength training or strict food elimination. These are short term fixes and are not sustainable. Look towards an event as motivation to be more mindful about your healthy lifestyle anchors. Maybe you’ve taken advantage of the awesome savings offered by Groupon coupons and have planned a trip through Orbitz that’s on our bucket list. Commit to moving towards a healthy lifestyle for your trip.

The most frequent road blocks toward healthy living are lack of energy, time and motivation. Ironically, the more we exercise and the better we eat and sleep, the more energy our bodies have. Take small, sustainable steps. Rethink sugary sodas and fast foods in your diet. Commit to getting off the couch for a walk or hike for at least thirty minutes each day. Limit alcohol and screen time before bed. Enjoy the company of close friends at least once a week.

Changing your mindset about healthy life style choices is the first step to meeting your goals. Good luck on your new life long journey!