3G Internet Features You Should Look For In Your Next Mobile Smartphone

iPhone and iPhone 3G

The main purpose for a smartphone is to connect to the internet, and Wifi is the main platform. Still, you need a safety net as Wifi isn’t always available. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the internet and use your phone. Thankfully, this is where your phone’s 3G or 4G internet capabilities come in handy. With 3/4G, you can browse the web anywhere in the world. Well, you can if you have the right features. Because 3G is like pulling teeth at times, you want to look for these assets.

iPhone and iPhone 3GFast & Efficient

How many times have you tried connecting to the internet and decided to call it a day because of 3G? The answer for most people is hundreds of times! Because your 3G works of your phone signal, you can experience difficulties. In short, it is like using an old school desktop computer with a dial-up modem. What you need is something as fast and as powerful as your Wifi connection. The trick is to look for a platform that has that capability. Or, you can clear your phone of its data to speed up the process, and you can upgrade to 4G.


You need to be able to turn on your 3G and use it at the drop of a hat. Otherwise, it is pointless and unnecessary. The sad truth is that a lot of providers don’t have a good enough platform that allows you to access the internet. Although they say they do, the reality leaves a lot to be desired when you try it for the first time. As a result, you need to research the accessibility options. Vodafone, for instance, has a service that includes yachts and 3G and data roaming. Whether you need 3G on a yacht is redundant – it is always good to have the option! If they can provide that service, it is safe to presume they can provide a quality, regular service.


Security is a major issue every time you use the internet. There is always someone that is going to try and hack you and steal your data. After all, it is a very lucrative business. As such, you need to up your safety protocols when you go online. As 3G is different to Wifi, your protocols will change slightly. With 3G, it is more about your phone’s security than anything else. But, the provider can also throw in some extras that help. A virtual private network is the best example. A VPN shields your IP address so that no one can pinpoint your location. As such, they shouldn’t be able to hack your server.


‘Yes, all of the above are good, but what about the price?’ That is a good question because the price is a big deal. And, you want a service that offers a good level of quality at an affordable cost. The key is to shop around to see what you can find. Some providers have high costs and others low costs. Without a bit of legwork, you will never find the best possible deal.

A tip: play them off against one another. When a company knows that their rivals are involved, they will drop their prices.