Amazon rolling out a new feature called Discussion Cards


Amazon has recently launched a new features for its FreeTime kids’ apps Dubbed as Parent Dashboard and Discussion Cards. It is designed specially for the parents who often worried about what their kids watch on the Internet, and thus, they really want something that can help them keep an eye on their activities. So, this will help parents better understand the content their child is reading, viewing or playing. The dashboard lives at Amazon and can be accessed from any web browser.

With the Discussion Cards, the idea is to help parents have more productive conversations about whatever it is the child is engaging with at the time. They also keep you updated on what your child is interested in currently. The cards themselves are written by Amazon’s Content Editors and will cover many of the books, videos, educational apps and games inside FreeTime, along with some of the more popular titles often added to FreeTime by parents. The Discussion cards may also suggest ways to connect that digital behavior to real life.

Parent Dashboard

Amazon’s Parent Dashboard limits and monitors what a child is doing on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets and also provides daily activity reports on each of your accounts on the FreeTime, an app that provides a gated, and age-appropriate experience for kids on Amazon Fire tablets.

The new service could also entice more people to join FreeTime Unlimited, the paid version of the FreeTime which offers curated sets of books, games and apps for specific age groups, starting at $2.99 a month. Amazon says that the service now reaches over 10 million users. The Parent Dashboard along with Discussion Cards is available starting today at Amazon.