Apple finally adds iPad support to the Apple TV remote control app


The Apple TV far off is a awesome way to control your Apple tv. but in case you’re not keen on bodily remotes, or perhaps you misplaced it and don’t want to shop for a new one, there’s usually the iPhone version that you can use. but in case you wanted a chunk extra screen real property, you’ll be pleased to learn that the app has currently been up to date to guide the iPad. The 1.1 update also helps you to use Siri to control your Apple television viewing, but now not from the iPad’s normal domestic display — as a substitute, you may use voice commands by using conserving a microphone button on the app’s UI to look for, pick out, pause, and play your media.

The 1.1 update also added support for music lyrics and playlists, along with chapters, audio tracks, and captions for movies and TV shows. It also includes a beefed up “now playing” option with quick access to captioning, chapters, and more. Users will also be able to move the persistent buttons around the screen depending on what makes you comfortable, according to a tweet by Apple’s Justin Voss.


It’s taken pretty some time for the organization to deliver Apple tv far off abilties to iPad. Apple SVP Eddy Cue at first teased the software program back in 2015, announcing it would be arriving in early 2016. In fact, it didn’t hit the iPhone till last August, in which it served as a extra advanced and function-wealthy version of the physical far flung that shipped with Apple television bins. They’re useful for everyday viewers, who received’t now ought to fumble for tiny remotes, but both iPhone and iPad versions of the app nonetheless don’t allow you to watch Apple television even as on the flow.

The update to the Apple TV remote should already be live, so if you’re interested then head on over to the iTunes App Store and check it out.