BQ Aquaris E45 With Ubuntu


The BQ Aquaris E45 Ubuntu Edition is aimed squarely at the budget market, going toe-to-toe with similarly priced handsets such as the Moto G and the ZTE Kis 3 Max. Even at this aggressive price point, the BQ Aquaris E45 Ubuntu Edition has an uphill struggle against competitors that run the far more established Android operating system.


Camera & Ubuntu Store

It is fundamentally a competent budget smartphone camera, and if that sounds like it is damning with faint praise then that would kind of be correct, as the BQ Aquaris E45 Ubuntu Edition often struggles to attain competency in some regards. Even though colors both indoors and out are good, detail is lacking, specially when you zoom in on your images. The camera app once again takes its time to load, but once it does it offers you a decent selection of modes, including location tagging, HDR, a timer and a grid to help you compose your shots.

The Ubuntu Store acts in a similar way to the App Store and Google Play, and supplies a way to download and install new apps. Recommendations are included, as well as user reviews, screenshots and summaries to help you decide what to install. It is one of the better features of Ubuntu Phone and although it’s not as crammed with apps as the stores found on Apple and Android devices, it works well.

Low Rate

The BQ Aquaris E45 Ubuntu Edition costs €169.90 (around £127, US$194, AU$249). The relatively low price of the handset is certainly a blessing, and it means if you have been waiting for an Ubuntu Phone to launch (and there are some out there who have), then you are not faced with a high entry price.

Final Verdict

As the first ever Ubuntu Phone the BQ Aquaris E45 Ubuntu Edition had the potential to wow and prove there is life beyond Apple and Android.