BT Home S2 Smartphone: Simple & Beautiful Design


The SmartPhone S 2 is not the only touchscreen home phone with Android with similarly priced rivals from Panasonic, Archos and Gigaset. For a lot of people the traditional landline telephone is simply no longer in use, but plenty of consumers still make good use of one. BT’s aiming to liven things up a bit on this front.



  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • Nuisance Call Blocking
  • 3.5in capacitive touch screen
  • 1GB storage
  • Micro-SD card slot

One phone for the money does not look the best value but this is because it is a smartphone. If you are looking to place two or more phones around the house then you will have to look elsewhere. The 3.5in is bigger than most home phones but feels small when you have been used to using a smartphone which you no doubt have.

The SmartPhone S 2 does have against traditional home phones is a bunch of specialties you’d not normally get. Since the device runs Android and has WiFi, you can log in with your Gmail account and get instant access to all your contacts.

The SmartPhone S 2 allows you to download any apps you’d normally download to your smartphone via the Play Store. That sounds pretty cool but let’s face it, it is 2015 and you probably want to use your smartphone or tablet which has superior specifications for your favorite apps.

The problem here is that even though you can download any apps you want from the Play Store, there’s only 1GB of internal storage and so you are going to run out of space pretty quickly. There’s a Micro-SD card slot though, so you can add some more.

BT’s is £1.75 a month with BT Privacy which you can get this free for a year if you sign up. Check your account to see whether it is inclusive or not.


The BT Home SmartPhone S 2 offers much better and more modern characteristics compared to a traditional DECT phone.