Dlodlo’s V1 VR Headset Just Looks Like Real Sunglasses


Dlodlo is a Chinese company that introduced its new mobile Virtual Reality (VR) solution, the Dlodlo V1, which is being heavily touted by them as the ‘world’s lightest portable immersive VR glasses.’ Dlodlo have used a combination of the carbon fiber and real sunglasses-type lenses for the Dlodlo V1. Dlodlo also explains that the VR headset will be as comfortable to wear as a pair of the ordinary glasses thanks to the liberal use of silicon materials for the inside – the idea is that the headset won’t irritate the face even if it’s worn for a feature length movie or television show.

This new headset weighs only 3.1 ounces, or about half the weight of an iPhone 6S Plus, and can be folded to fit in your pocket. With a 1200 x 1200p screen for each eye, it’s also slightly higher-resolution than the Vive or Rift. Instead of having any onboard processing power, the Dlodlo V1 is mostly a screen that plugs into either a PC or a phone-sized device called the D1, that Dlodlo compares to an iPod touch. The whole setup could fit in a small purse or a capacious pocket.



Other Specification Of The Dlodlo V1 Are:

  • Resolution: 2400 x 1200
  • PPI: 800+
  • Refresh rate: 90 Hz
  • Field of View: 105-degrees
  • Software: Dlodlo OS 1.0 that’s based on Android 5.0
  • CPU: 1.6GHz 64-bit quad-core processor (an advanced version w/Snapdragon 820 will be available)
  • Capacity: 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM
  • Material: ultra-thin & highly-durable carbon fiber and skin-friendly silicon dioxide