Enjoy 360-Degree Wallpaper On LG G5 Smartphone

LG G5 360-degree wallpaper

Couple of weeks ago, LG unveiled its new smartphone G5. Now LG offers 360-Degree live wallpaper landscape for the G5. That you can download from the SmartWorld app on your Android phone and LGworld.com . At first, 12 new wallpaper landscape is available in the first round that all shot by professional photographers, which probably with real cameras as opposed to the 360 Cam. Further four more images added each month between May to November. This breathtaking images include the amazing view of nature and famous cities around the world.

LG G5 360-degree wallpaper

LG’s 360 Cam is a simply easy and efficient way of recording 360-degree content for Virtual reality (VR). This 360-degree images can be set as background picture on the homescreen of the LG G5.

The initiative to announced the VR headset called the LG 360 VR and a 360-Degree Cam called LG 360 Cam remarked that LG is believed to be part of a larger push from the company toward VR. And now the company shine with the availability of a bunch of 360-Degree wallpaper which is available for the latest flagship LG G5.

This 360-Degree live wallpaper landscape can also be viewed in photographic and cinematic view after a period time, the LG 360 Cam captures spherical picture which used as wallpaper on the G5 or set to Google street view.

This new 360-Degree landscapes wallpaper will be available between April to November in the 69 countries where app is available. You can also have a opportunity to win prizes and gifts for anyone who leaves a comment on their 360-Degree video