Google Has Updated Google Earth & Adds More Interesting Features

Google Earth

Google has recently released a new updated version of Google Earth, which brings a  couple of interesting features, but the most notable are 3D view and guided tours for both chrome on the web and Android users as well. The update will also come for IOS users very soon, but the company has not revealed the information, whether it will arrive. Also read about the other apps, at VogaTech, such as Goolge Motion Still app, that company launched at the end of 2016.

Google Earth

With 3D view you can see the 3D map of a specific location, in fact, you can view whole 3D world. And with guided tours, you can learn about random places around the world. When you are seeking for a location, so the app will show you a clickable 2D / 3D button on the lower right-hand corner of the screen. It is the quick and easy way to look your location around the world in 2D and 3D imagery.

The company made the guided tour with the help of scientist, documentarians, and other experts, and they all are help users to learn about places and our world. Google said that more than 50 guided tour listed available, under the “Voyager section.” This section includes a plenty of tours, some of them are: tour of the Tanzanian Gombe National Park guided by the primate expert Jane Goodall. BBC Earth has also contributed to providing us video journey to six different habitats and a jaunt to Mexico as well to know about Mayan ruins.

The company also added “I am feeling lucky” button to the Goolge Earth that will let you explore and search new and those places which you never seen before around the world. Another interesting things is that, Google Earth will also show you the “knowledge cards” at the bottom of the mobile screen or at the left of the browser window. These cards will show descriptions from Wikipedia and also tell about you interesting fact about the place.

The company said the updated version will release to the public on Earth day, April 22. It is now only available for Android and Chrome browser, but it will arrive IOS and other browser very soon.