Google released a new update for Google Photos on Android


The all new feature delivered to Google’s photo enhancing app is the Auto White stability, so one can deliver a really perfect look and feel to the pictures. The creation of the brand new function changed into said by means of Google in a weblog entry on March 2, and it is going to be an interesting addition for photography enthusiasts.

With this update, when users apply one of the app’s “appears” to a photograph, Google photos will now correct the picture’s white stability, further to its publicity and saturation. And in case you want to tweak it more as it should be, just transfer to color and first-rate tune the warmth and Tint as according to requirement.

In case you haven’t used Google Photos yet to its maximum potential, here are a few tips that will allow you to edit your photos much easier.


For example, you could practice the identical edits to a couple of picture, or you could compare seems between multiple images. You can even speedy rotate an picture the usage of the shortcut within the Assistant tab of Google Photos.

If you can’t decide whichever picture looks better, the original or the one you edited, you can keep both by tapping on the overflow menu and choosing to “Save copy” to create a new version.

The auto white stability characteristic for Google Photos is rolling out to the Android app and also on the internet version. In case you’re nonetheless not using the app to again up your photos and to edit them as well, might as nicely check it out by way of downloading it from the Google Play store without spending a dime.