Meet Flipp, Handy Way To Control Your Wireless Music


There are lots of smart home remotes which are packed with lots of functions for controlling all varieties of things in your home — however once in a while, you just want a easy way to listen to music. Flipp is a Kickstarter project with a single purpose: permit you to without problems control your music. As the enthusiastic pitch video points out.

The idea is exceptional, however also amazingly simple and convenient. This circular machine has two sides: a black one and a clear one. turn the lighter-colored facet up and rotate the device to control volume. you may also press the center of this lighter region to hit play. The black side controls songs and playlists.


Flipp Remote Control Design

The Flipp is an progressive and practical music far off that works with all Sonos speakers and with Spotify connect enabled audio system, that means that it supports those wireless audio system from Sonos, Amazon, Boss, Samsung, B&O Play, Sony, Philips and more. The Flipp measures 70 x 12mm, and as we can see from the picture, it capabilities a minimum and occasional-profile look layout, and the rounded, compact and narrow form issue allows you to effortlessly and simply maintain it to your hand.

Flipp Remote Control Features

The music remote is a standalone control gadget for your wireless speaker, so you don’t have to join it along with your phone. Moreover, the Flipp features two-side control. One side of the remote is designed to control the extent of your tune playback, and any other is for songs and playlists. meanwhile, using several easy moves you can completely control your music inclusive of rotating and pressing. similarly, a 3V replaceable coincell offers 2 years of battery life.

Flipp Remote Control Price

The crowdfunding marketing campaign for Flipp is ongoing on Kickstarter. Pledging approx $79.99 USD will help you own the music remote with a hub. The package might be shipped in November 2017 if accomplishing its fund purpose.