NitroQ – The 7 Minute Portable Power Bank

NitroQ Power bank

There are a lot of Power banks available in the market, which claimed to offer the full charge to your smartphone when you need it most, but all take long time to charge, minimum one hour to full charge your phone. But when it comes to the best Power bank that would charge your phone in a less time, I am going to show you a power bank, which takes only 7 minutes to give a full charge to your phone. Yes, I am talking about NitroQ, which was launched recently by the NitroQ team based in London.

NitroQ Power bank

The NitroQ power Bank charges your phone from flat to full in just 7 minutes, well, it would seem difficult to believe, but it is right. And it takes only fifteen minutes to fully charge the NitroQ Power bank from the main power supply. It is lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket, backpack, or briefcase.

This Power bank comes with the support for a massive 5,000mAh battery capacity along with the long life cycles of over 1500. This battery is able to charge the smartphone ten times faster than the other power banks. It is universal, meaning compatible with all the devices, or we can say USB port having devices.

The NitroQ Power bank is a multipurpose charger, which is able to charge not only smartphone, but the other devices as well, including smartphone, Bluetooth speaker, smartwatches, and more. There is also a built-in 4-LED indicator that will show you the battery level of the power bank.

It is the smart power bank, because it is designed to avoid the voltage related problems, such as over voltage, under voltage, short circuit, high temperature, and heating problems. Meaning it will provide you safe charging with providing any harm to your phone. The NitroQ Power bank is available to pre-order at Indiegogo and priced at $59.