Samsung Galaxy S8 Won’t Launch At Mobile World Congress

Samsung Galaxy S8

For years, Samsung has used to announce its latest flagship of Galaxy S series smartphone ahead of Mobile World Congress MWC – a major trade show held in Barcelona in February or March. But that will not be the case of this year, Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be release in MWC.

Samsung Galaxy S8

But after the Galaxy Note 7 exploding smartphone debacle, that’s changing. The Samsung’s mobile head Koh Dong-jin has confirmed that the Galaxy S8 will not be unveiled next month at Mobile World Congress. That’s a big departure from the company’s usual release schedule, which revolves around a big “S” launch in the spring and a new “Note” in the fall.

“The lessons of this incident are deeply reflected in our culture and process,” he said. “Samsung Electronics will be working hard to regain consumer trust.”

The mobile head Koh did not give any further information on when the phone actually will launch, but Samsung certainly will not want to rush its release following the manufacturing issues that led to the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Earlier today the company announced a new eight-step safety check for batteries in Samsung Note 7 and upcoming Samsung phones will also be designed with more space around the battery and includes new protective brackets.

The company said it is now taking steps to ensure that something similar does not happen with the launch of the Galaxy S8, its next high-end smartphone — as a repeat would be absolutely disastrous for the company’s reputation.