Sony Launches Final Fanstasy XV Walkman, Headphones And Speaker


Sony launches Final Fantasy XV – a limited series only for Japanese customers, which includes a new Walkman for those customers who want to carry their music on a separate device, headphones and a Bluetooth speaker.


Sony A-series Walkman supports Hi-Res Audio which makes it capable of playing FLAC format audio files and also comes with little pixel art Final Fantasy character on the back. It has a special icon which makes it different from boring regular walkman software. Aside from the minor changes there is nothing special about the icons.

The Walkman comes with two storage variants: the 16GB storage model which can hold 300 songs and the 32GB storage variant for 660 songs. Both models feature a MicroSD (128GB) card, while the expandable storage is up to 140GB for 16GB model and for 160GB for 32GB storage variant. The 16GB model costs for $300 while the 32GB storage model costs around $350.

Sony is also releasing Final Fantasy XV-branded hear-on MDR-100A headphones, which costs around $220 and a hear-go SRS-HG1 Bluetooth speaker costs for $260. They have large “XV” logos on the earcups. The theme of the company can be sensed from the speakers as these are rectangular black having “Final Fantasy XV” on the top. It is expected that none of these products would be sold outside Japan.

It is possible to order these three products online apart from purchasing them from selected Sony stores across Japan. There is a 10 percent discount in case the customer has a Sony Network Entertainment account. These products would be delivered until December 21st as disclosed by Sony Japan online.