Sony Voice Assistant Earbuds Will Launch in US


Sony – the Japanese smartphone manufacturer  has recently announced that Sony Voice Assistant Earbuds will launch in the US on December 13th. Last month Sony Xperia Ear has launched in Japan and now turn to US. The earbuds will cost $199.99 and will be available through Amazon initially, then later it will be available at Fry’s, ABT, B&H, and other retailers.


These are not your regular pair of earphones, but they offer more advanced functions to the users. They are designed with compact and a graphite black color combination. They are tiny in size and voice activated earpiece. The earphones have achieved the smooth texture that makes it feel comfortable in ears. There are an earpiece and arc supporter, which makes it easier to be fit inside the ear. The earphones weigh 6.6 g, while the case is 39g.

The earbuds connect to a wearer’s phone through Bluetooth and NFC and are controlled through a companion Android app. Users can send a text through voice, get news updates, and check their calendar. They can also gesture to accept or ignore phone calls. It supports sensors like Proximity, acceleration, and gyro.

The Xperia earphone offers hands-free voice commands so you can tack it onto your ear and proceed to bark orders. You can also ask it search for direction, set the alarms, quickly look up Wikipedia, read out notifications or check the weather as well. It also reads your messages from SMS app, LINE, Facebook messenger as well as you directly reply by your voice. The smart earbuds can make a phone call using voice commands.

Earphones has a 65mAh battery capacity, while the charging case it comes with a 300mAh battery, which is capable of giving charging up to 12 hours. The company claims that 4 hours of talk time while the 80 hours of continuous standby time.