Spotify Connect Will Allow You To Select Your Sonos Gear

spotify and sonos

Spotify and Sonos have long been associated with the each other, but the relationship has become even closer as you now control your connected music system from the Spotify app.

The move marks a key step in Sonos’ plan to offer more third-party integration, it’s slowly but surely, having previously opened up Google Play Music and announced forthcoming support for Pandora. The new-found integration means that the Spotify Premium subscribers can access the hardware via Spotify Connect, and utilizing multiroom functionality as well as picking up where a track left off on mobile or other streaming devices.

spotify and sonos
Spotify Connect

The new partnership also gives Spotify/Sonos devotees a more seamless transition from mobile listening to home listening. ‘The music does not stop when you walk in the door,’ Spotify says in a blog post. The update also makes it easy for visitors to play their Spotify cuts through your Sonos system, meaning that parties are either going to be really collaborative or incredibly annoying.

You also don’t have to worry about replacing the queue or choosing “Play Now” when you want to jump to another album or playlist. Just tap a song like you’d while in your car or on your computer and it starts playing. When friends come over, they will be able to play songs directly through the Spotify app as well. Trust me, if you are a Spotify user and a Sonos owner, the ability to play songs directly though the latter’s app will be a welcome change.

Initially available on select devices and as part of the Sonos Public Beta 7.0, this feature is now available to all Spotify Premium subscribers with a Sonos music system. The feature has been reserved for Apple Mac, Android and PC users until now, but iOS users can reap the control benefits too.

Anyone with a Spotify Premium subscription now has the ability to fully control what music plays through a Sonos system without having to open the Sonos dedicated application. It gives access to grouping and ungrouping of rooms.