Staaker Camera Drone Is Now Available For Pre-Order


Staaker has unveiled the world’s first artificially intelligent auto-follow drone. After three years of development and 50 prototypes later, this self-flying camera drone that tracks your every move and predicts what you will do next. And now it’s available for pre-orders, shipping in December, the Staaker will list for $1,795, with the price including the drone as well as the waterproof tracker and also carrying case.

The new drone is foldable into a relatively small package, perfect for bringing into the mountains just for filming extreme sports. When it’s unfolded, the landing gear folding down cleverly locks the arms into the place and the drone is ready to fly.


Like other auto-follow drones, the Staaker uses a GPS wristband to track user, but that’s where the similarities start to thin out. The drone works as a personal cameraman along with a bit more of the man than other auto-follow drones – artificial intelligence technology allows the drone to anticipate or to react to the next move, and then uses that information to set up the best shot. The artificial intelligence is combined along with five different, user-activated follow modes (including circling around the user and following from behind, or turning direction to get a scenic shot of the environment) that allows user to control where and how the drone shoots.

For safety, the Staaker maintains a two-meter (6.6 feet) cloud around the user, while it can also follow from as far as a 1,150 feet. As for the camera, the Staaker fits a GoPro Hero4 cam on a 3-axis gimbal to shoot stabilized 4K video and 12 megapixel stills. When it lands, the gimbal automatically retracts to prevent camera from hitting the ground.