The Blink Wireless Home Security Camera System With Motion Detection


If you’re searching for a truly wireless security camera that is capable of running for up to 2 years without the need to change the battery. As well as requiring no monthly fee to view your cloud stored recordings, you may be interested in Blink security camera which is now available to purchase priced at just $99.

The camera itself shoots 720p video and features a temperature sensor, microphone, and an adjustable LED lamp that can easily illuminate an entire room when the camera’s motion sensor is tripped. Every camera sys ships with a small sync module that joins your local Wi-Fi and then acts as a communication hub for Blink cameras. The camera itself is small, about two-thirds the size of a deck of the cards and weighing barely more than the two AA batteries you slot into the back.

Blink camera

Blink uses an HD camera, which is an advantage over the other cordless cameras. The picture quality is true to the promise and surprisingly clear and bold. This isn’t only true when viewing video at home, but also when live streaming video remotely.

Promising a ‘customizable, comprehensive, and user-friendly solution for home security,’ the Blink app lets the users see their home or workplace from anywhere in the world by way of live HD video feed and recorded video clips anytime motion is detected. And because there are no monthly fees to keeping Blink camera running, customers only have to buy the unit once (sys start a $99 and go up to the $349 for a five camera-unit) and enjoy the payoff that is peace of mind.