The Nativ Vita music player looks like a tablet

Electronics maker Nativ, which become came into prominence thru a crowd-funded campaign earlier this year, has recently launched its Vita music player, a high-end, touchscreen-based music player and server which has the rare characteristic of integrated Apple Music Support and its starting cost of whopping $1,600.

Nativ Vita Music Player Design

The Nativ Vita music player seems like a sleek tablet along with an 11.6-inch tablet and a stand. But do not go thinking you will be able to set up apps on it or edit a spreadsheet, as the Vita music player was designed with a clear reason in mind – to enable users to keep, play and control track.

Nativ Vita Music Player Features

It features 108 pixel resolution and is powered by using a Cortex-A9 processor running alongside 4GB of RAM. What’s more, the product includes up to two HDDs that carry up support for a total of 4TB of storage, meaning that it is able to without difficulty host your digital music collection. Nativ Vita comes with integrated multi-directional microphone, means that it permits customers to apply voice-commands to direct it to play music, adjust volume, or pass to subsequent song.

Nativ Vita Music Player Connectivity

The device consists of USB, HDMI, SPDIF, and AES/EBU ports, as well as gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connections. The last enables control via Apple Watch, iOS, and Android apps, in addition to pushing audio elsewhere via Google Cast, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Sonos systems, or other Nativ products.

Nativ Vita Music Player Price

If you choose to buy the version will 4TB of integrated storage and Walnut desk-stand, the Nativ Vita will set you back by $3,100. As you might have understood by now, this music player is not for everyone.