The PLEN Cube personal assistant robot can be easily attached on your backpack

Following on from the development in their first portable robot PLEN2 back in 2015 by way of japanese based PLENGoer Robotics. The firm has created a new robot portable private assistant aptly named the PLEN Cube.

PLEN Cube has last month released on Kickstarter seeking to increase $50,000 over the subsequent two months and has already raised almost 1/2 its pledge goal in just the primary few weeks of release.

PLEN Cube Personal Assistant Robot Design

The PLEN Cube is a superior, smart personal assistant robotic that measures three x three x three inches. As you can see from the pictures, the robotic assistant sports an ultra portable cubic form thing that allows you to effortlessly take it with you everywhere, and its clean edges and two-tone layout add a great deal vivid and cute layout factors to the cubic robot.

PLEN Cube Personal Assistant Robot Features

The PLEN cube comes geared up with a full HD camera. Using integrated face and motion monitoring and stabilization, it has the ability to capture clean, sharp photos and movies, and its laptop imaginative and prescient era permits the robot to always attention on you at some point of video recording.

The assistant robot comes equipped with built-in voice recognition, so you can effortlessly control it with your voice commands, and it can be activated by gestures.

Moreover, the use of its bendy pivot, the robot’s head is rotatable 360 stages for panoramic pics, and the pivot also lets in the robot to deliver plenty appeal and personality, for instance, it’ll face you whilst you speak, while playing track, it’s going to dance, and more.

Similarly, the private assistant robot has get entry to to a database of thousands of IR home equipment and numerous smart home devices so you can remotely control theses gadgets with easy voice or gesture commands

Using integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, the robot personal assistant wirelessly communicates together with your cellphone so an incorporated 2.2″ 320 x 240 full colour liquid crystal display shows you diverse info out of your handset like weather, time, notifications and extra. Furthermore, the robot acts a wi-fi speaker that deliver audible data and your preferred track.

PLEN Cube Personal Assistant Robot Price

The crowdfunding campaign for PLEN cube is ongoing thru Kickstarter. Pledging $299.99 will will let you very own the portable non-public assistant robotic. It will likely be shipped in October 2017 if accomplishing its investment goal.