TomTom Has Officially Unveiled Its Second Fitness Tracker, The Touch Cardio


TomTom has announced its second fitness wearable, the new Touch Cardio, it joins the TomTom Touch with Body Composition. That means you won’t be able to measure fat and muscle percentage from your wrist. You do still get slim OLED touchscreen display and 24/7 activity tracking on steps, active time, calories and sleep but the silver touch button is now missing in action.

This new model has been designed and priced to make it more accessible to more people and to encourage healthy lifestyles. It’s similar to 2016’s TomTom Touch in that it comes with a heart rate tracker, sleep tracking and traditional step tracking, but it sheds the technology for analysing body fat and muscle mass.

TomTom Touch Cardio

The TomTom Touch Cardio can also be used for basic smartwatch functions, such as notifying you of the incoming calls and messages on the display. All the activity data it collects synced to the accompanying TomTom Sports app where you can view your progress, activity trends and comparisons, with sharing your data with other users.

It’s an interesting move from the TomTom, but perhaps not all that surprising as we had a mixed experience with the body composition analysis when we tested the Touch. While it is definitely an innovative and ambitious feature to throw into the fitness tracker mix, we’re not sure it is quite as good as jumping on a pair of smart scales that offers the same information.

The company says the Touch Cardio also features a more fashion-friendly design than its predecessor, and will work with the TomTom’s new fitness app. The Touch Cardio will retail for £89.99, or about £40 less than the Touch Fitness Tracker currently costs, when it is released in March.