Twelve South Has Introduced A New Mount For The Apple Watch


Twelve South recently revealed its newest accessory, the latest ActionSleeve Armband for the Apple Watch. The new ActionSleeve is designed to move the Apple Watch from the wrist to the upper arm, keeping it out of the way during intense workouts while leaving all of its functionality intact.

Specifically designed for sports that require wrist gear like weightlifting, rock climbing, boxing, and Kettlebell training, ans well as CrossFit, the ActionSleeve protects the Apple Watch, and keeps it out of the way, and securely holds it in place even during vigorous workouts.

ActionSleeve ArmBand

ActionSleeve ArmBand Design

The ActionSleeve ArmBand is the world’s first Apple Watch armband that works with both Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 1. The armband sports a smooth and low-profile design along with two optional colors that allows it to match different senses of style.

Meanwhile, it comes in three different sizes, and by adjusting the length with Integrated Velcro, the armband delivers a personalized fit for every user.

ActionSleeve ArmBand Features

The armband comes with an integrated silicone bumper that’s designed to hold your Apple Watch in place and protect it during various intense workouts.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch has been moved from your wrist to arm, which is perfect for those wrist-Watch unfriendly workouts like kickboxing, weight lifting, kettlebell training and more.

Additionally, the ActionSleeve armband tightly holds Apple Watch around your upper arm meaning that it delivers consistent skin contact in order to deliver more accurate heart rate tracking.

ActionSleeve ArmBand Price

Priced at $29.99 and available in either red or black, there are ActionSleeves for both 38 and 42mm Apple Watch models. The 42mm ActionSleeve fits arms up to 17 inches, while 38mm ActionSleeve fits arms up to 15 inches. There is also a 42mm variant for the larger Apple Watch that fits smaller arms.