Uber Launched Family Profile App: Connect Your Family

uber family profie app

Uber recently launched the ‘Family Profile’ option to allow multiple riders to share the same account. Now the company is letting people in the similar ‘Family’ track each other’s rides.

when you choose to with friends and family, but now the ride sharing application is upping the stakes by trying to offer more ‘peace of mind’. The way the app is doing that is by enabling users on shared accounts – or Family Profiles as they’re known on Uber – to track one another automatically each time they take a trip.

uber family profie app

Uber launched Trip Tracker, a function that provides automatic updates and ability to follow a ride being taken under a “Family Profile account”. Trip Tracker was added as a safety feature, in part to be offer Family Profile members (who do not really need to be related) piece of mind when sending others on their way.

Once a family member jumps in an Uber, the account admin will receive a notification alerting them to the fact that someone is currently on a ride and the real time map will show users their route and arrival time.

Uber calls the tech Trip Tracker, and says it goes one step further than the existing system, which currently only allows ride tracking when the person on the move chooses to share route with a specific contact they choose.

If you want to track other people via Uber, you will have to use a different app feature called Share my ETA. Unlike Trip Tracker, Share my ETA app only works if the person in the car decides to share their location with you.

The new feature has been rolled out globally according to Uber, and any current user of the app can sign up to a Family Profile in order to take advantage of the new tracking set-up.