VIITA smartwatch is designed to track your daily activity, sleep and other fitness data


Have you ever ever thought of getting an eye that can’t most effective inform time but also can act as a private health coach? Nicely! VIITA is an wise smart watch that facilitates to reduce strain, enhance athletic overall performance and control your health. This watch has the capability of telling you how exhausted or recovered your frame is, retaining your body secure and as healthy as possible. Its rechargeable battery gives up to at least one month of battery life. Want extra functions?

VIITA Smartwatch Design

The VIITA is an advanced and well-designed smartwatch that is available in two modes: VIITA energetic and VIITA casual. Both version characteristic a classic rounded watch layout, but the informal suggests off a extra urban-fashion look design described by means of its classic dial with a digital black and white show, at the same time as the lively sports activities a rugged, game-style appearance layout defined via the bold texturized bezel, and the rounded TFT liquid crystal display color touchscreen suggests you time, date, fitness facts and notifications from your smartphone.


VIITA Smartwatch Features

The VIITA smartwatch comes geared up with included coronary heart rate reveal, and using HRV (coronary heart rate variability, it’s capable of indicating exact fitness, high fitness degrees, burnout and a worrying way of life. further to presenting accurate pastime and sleep monitoring, it offers you personalized training pointers.

Furthermore, the smartwatch additionally tracks the amount of water you consume in the course of an afternoon and keeps you hydrated, and the VIITA active functions integrated GPS module for greater correct interest monitoring. the use of built-in Bluetooth technology, the smartwatch wirelessly communicates with your phone in order to reveal you textual content messages, app notifications and calls on the rounded dial of lively model. Its custom app allows you to decide whilst and about what you want to be notified. further, its built-in rechargeable battery offers up to 4 weeks of use on a single charge (up to 3 weeks for lively model).

VIITA Smartwatch Price

The group behind VIITA has successfully performed the fund purpose for the product thru Indiegogo. we are able to preorder one in every of two smartwatch models with the aid of pledging $135/$199 USD. both models will be shipped in December 2017.