A Complete Guide On How To Switch Web Hosting Provider


There are various reasons why companies want to switch to a new web hosting provider. It could be as simple as not enough space or bandwidth, or due to its customer service, or lack thereof. Just like a family that is outgrown its starter home, your business needs a new Web hosting provider to call home. Moving your business web site isn’t as daunting as it sounds. Just take your time and follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be feeling at home before you know it.

Back-Up Your Website

Back up all of your files or folders from your existing Web hosting sever to your hard drive or on a DVD. Do a backup of your emails.

Web Hosting

Select A New Web Hosting Provider

You can never get the right web host without understanding what you really need. Knowing your business needs can help narrow your web hosting option.

Considerations include:

  • Type of OS (Windows vs. Linux)
  • Bandwidth and disk space requirements

When you find a new Web hosting provider, create an account – but do not close your old one just yet.

Transfer All Your Website Files To The New Server

Next you need to transfer the website files from your computer to your new web hosting account. Using FTP software will make this process easy. Your new web hosting provider should provide instructions as to which folder to upload your site to.

Update The Domain On Your New Web Server

Update your domain name information with the name server information of your new Web hosting company. If your Web hosting company is also your domain name registrar, this will be simple. However, if your domain name is registered elsewhere—or you’re not registered as the administrative contact – it will require more effort.

Cancel Your Old Account

Once the domain name propagation period has passed, you can test for issues and — once you feel confident that everything is in place — remove your account with your old Web hosting provider. Be sure to go onto the remote site and remove your files off their server.