ADATA Launched Premier SP580 SATA 6Gb/s Solid State Drive


ADATA released the Premier SP580 SATA 6Gb/s solid state drive, built for users who want to upgrade their computers along with affordable SSDs and gain access to faster speeds and better efficiency compared to traditional HDDs.

With prices of SSDs at an all time low, and with so many opt to choose from, there hasn’t been a better time to upgrade to an SSD.

If you are still using HDD, ADATA wants you to consider upgrading to an SSD with their new Premier SP580 SSD.


It is an entry-level SSD with TLC NAND, so do not expect its to win any speed titles. But even so, it is still many, many times faster than ever the fastest spinning HDDs.

The Premier SP580 is powered by a Marvell controller and supports SLC caching tech, meaning it can operate in SLC (single-level cell) mode for a performance boost. It also boasts LDPC ECC (low density parity check error correcting code), high TBW (total bytes written) rating, and DEVSLP (device sleep) functionality.

Like most other TLC NAND SSDs, the Premier SP580 SSD features caching technologies to improve performance. It supports DEVSLP for lower power consumption.

The Premier SP580 SSD will only come in 120 gigabyte and 240 gigabyte capacities. It claimed sequential read and write performance is in the region of 560MB/s and 410MB/s respectively, which is typical for SSDs of this class.

Finally, the new Premier SP580 SSD will come with data migration utilities to help users move their data from their HDD to their new SSD.