Biostar Has Announced The Introduction Of Its First Gaming Mouse, AM2


Biostar introduces the new Biostar AM2 gaming mouse featuring an Avago 5050 sensor capable of up to 2400-dpi of tracking, the company’s first mouse and one that is aimed at gamers for a relative pittance. The company says its new AM2 model is for entry-level gamers.

The Biostar AM2 gaming mouse will have an attractive retail price of $9.99. The Biostar AM2 gaming mouse is features the raw essentials needed to get started in advanced gaming peripherals. The Biostar AM2 is designed with the raw feel needed to give the gamers a better experience with their games especially fast-paced eSports and competitive titles.

Biostar AM2 gaming mouse

The new mouse is aimed at eSports gamers and competitive titles. It provides the standard left and right mouse buttons, a click wheel, and also a button for changing the peripheral’s sensitivity on the fly. The button is connected to the built-in illuminated logo, which changes color as the user switches sensitivity.

The AM2 gaming mouse features a claw-type ambidextrous grip and uses an Avago 5050 sensor that’s sensitive to 2400DPI. Users can select one of four preset DPI levels and also adjust settings on-the-fly. The levels use color LEDs to indicate DPI sensitivity, along with the base level 800DPI showing no color. From there, the LEDs show blue for 1,200DPI; green for 1600DPI, and blue-green for 2400DPI.

BIOSTAR says it designed the mouse for “comfort, performance, and durability,” but one of its most popular features that will undoubtedly be the price. Users will be pleased to hear the AM2 has an MSRP of just $9.99.