Das Keyboard 5Q Unveil On Kickstarter campaign


Das Keyboard released a Kickstarter campaign to fund a cloud-connected mechanical keyboard called the Das Keyboard 5Q. The Das Keyboard 5Q puts even more controls at your fingertips. It’s the first input device that also outputs information using RGB LEDs which can be individually programmed in a virtual dashboard.

The color of each LED is controlled remotely, so the keyboard can be used to the visually represent specific data or events. The possibilities are endless, so it is a good thing that the API is open source, which means that developers will be able to get in there and create new uses and applications. The Das Keyboard is even preparing a community website for developers to share their open source widgets. The 5Q also features a desktop RESET API that lets Javascript developers program the keyboard.


The 5Q will be fully mechanical and using Japanese-manufactured Omron switches. The switches are light and tactile, comparable to Cherry MX Brown switches. Due to Omron switches’ design, the center of the switch is open and utilizes an LED pipe which guides the light from the surface-mount LEDs straight through the switch, resulting in extremely bright and consistent backlighting.

The keyboard has already received over 1,100 backers on Kickstarter and already exceeded its US$100,000 funding goal with the 29 days left. It will eventually retail for US$229, but you can get it at an early bird promotional price of US$139 on Kickstarter. Expect to be waiting for a while though – it isn’t scheduled to ship until January 2017.