Google WiFi is getting an update with a new feature named Scheduled Pause

Google Wifi routers

Need a break from the internet? Google’s WiFi router now has a feature aptly called ‘Scheduled Pause’. This feature will lets users block out time to turn off the internet connection to select devices. Using this, you can more easily manage internet time for your family, like winding down before bed, or enjoying real-life face time during dinner. Just determining when they can and can not surf the web.

Google Wifi routers
Google’s WiFi router

Set up Scheduled Pause through the Google Wifi app, Once the update is applied (no passwords to enter or router administration URLs to remember), you will be able to select from a number of pre-made schedules or create custom start and end times. When you are creating your own, the app will ask you to pick a time range and also pick the time when you would like the pause to repeat. The obvious benefit of this feature is that you could configure group of devices which could be switched off during dinner and Homework time and between bedtime.

This isn’t the first time we have seen this feature, lots of other wifi router companies offer a similar service, including family-oriented Torch and Eero, but it’ is nice that Google is joining them.

This Feature do not apply to all devices connected to your internet. You can created schedules for the individual devices, meaning you can set the schedule to pause internet for one device only. This update is still rolling out in the Play Store