How To Create Your First Website In 10 Minutes!


Are you the sort of person that quivers in fear when they are forced to start dealing with technology? Do you struggle to grasp the first thing about websites and how to operate them? You’ve clicked on the right link! What if I told you that you didn’t need any of that expert knowledge? What if I told you that ten minutes after reading this article, you could have a website that is live on the net? Don’t believe me? Let’s give it a go, then.

ballStep 1: What’s Your Plan?

Before you start creating the website itself, you want to have an idea of how it will look. What are you hoping to achieve with this website? Is it going to be a blogging site like this, or maybe you’re looking at e-commerce? Make sure you’ve got a plan before you dive in.

Step 2: Get A Domain

Your domain is the address you give out for people to access your website. You can pay for something like a .com domain if you’re happy to spend a little money. Alternatively, there are free domains out there, but they won’t be as recognizable to most people. Do a Google search, take your pick and sign up.

Step 3: Find A Website Builder

You might not know the first thing about website design, but that’s OK! Instead; start searching Google for an easy website builder. Most of these builders come packaged with hosting services that allow your website to exist on the web. Connect your new domain to them, and you’ve got a website.

Step 4: Add Your Text/Images/Videos

When using a website builder, you’ll normally be given detailed instructions as to how to incorporate designs. Adding your text, images and videos is as easy as pressing a couple of buttons. For now, get the basics right. You can come back to the rest later.

Step 5: That’s It!

Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a website. See; it wasn’t that hard, was it?

Future Considerations

This is just the tip of the iceberg for your site. There’s a lot to think about from this point onward, and that’s when things can get quite complicated. For example, SEO techniques can help your website to generate more viewers. One look at this duplicate content canonical url example might be enough to make you panic all over again! Don’t worry, though; SEO is often handled by professionals. You can pay for experts to handle this side of things on your behalf if you want to.

Eventually, your website will probably need a more extensive hosting package. You can get this in the same way you bought your .com domain: paying for it. It’s easy to move your website over to a new hosting package, so don’t worry about this.

Finally, as great as website builders are, they don’t offer much freedom. You might find that in the future, you feel limited by what they can do. In this case, you’ll want to migrate to something like WordPress. This will provide you with many more options than what a simple website builder can offer.