HyperX Alloy FPS Keyboard, Available Now & Retailing For AU$169


Kingston has entered the mechanical keyboard market and the first model, HyperX Alloy FPS, is already available in five select countries. Those countries would be China, Australia, Mexico, Russia and the Ukraine.

The HyperX Allow FPS, a low profile and low footprint keyboard geared towards competitive FPS players who need a keyboard that doesn’t take up much space, is easy to tote around and also packed with features. The Alloy FPS hits the mark on all of these requirements with aplomb.

HyperX Allow FPS,

The HyperX Alloy FPS is a safe but solid and carefully-designed product. Kingston kept it fairly simple: It is a slim device with plate-mounted switches, red backlighting and no software. The first run will feature the Cherry MX Blue switches and Costar stabilizers, and the top panel is an aluminum alloy.

Kingston went with Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches with this new model that are rated for 50 million key stroke. This keyboard model is aimed at first person shooter fans since it is compact and doesn’t have macro keys. The keyboard features 100% Anti-Ghosting and FULL N-key rollover in Game Mode. We are not sure how many modes are available, but obviously there will be more than just a gaming mode.

Other Specs Of HyperX Alloy FPS Are:

  • 443mm by 130mm by 36mm (17.4 inches by 5.1 inches by 1.4 inches)
  • 1049g (2.3 pounds)
  • Steel frame
  • Full NKey rollover functionalities
  • 100 percent anti-ghosting
  • USB charge port
  • Coloured WASD keys
  • Cherry MX Blue switches
  • Red backlighting
  • Detachable braided cord and a mesh travel pouch
  • Game mode key

The HyperX Allow FPS already released on August 29 and is currently available for preorder at MWave.