Introducing All-in-One PC: MSI PRO 16 Flex

MSI PRO 16 flex

MSI bring for us a new Versatile All-in-one pc, On Wed 30 Mar, MSI  announce the release of an all in one pc: MSI pro 16 flex. Customer can used this for both purpose , Firstly commercial industries and secondly home entertainment.

To start with , This 15.6 inch screen that offer 10 point touch controlled, it can used in a stand mode, hanging mode or flat mode and that make zero noise.

MSI PRO 16 flex

Looking for a tablet? Just fold it flat and use it. Need a desktop or a laptop? Just put down on your desk. You can even hang it form a wall, or use it as a media viewing display , 1366 × 768 LED blacklit display is powered by an Intel Celeron N3150 CPU , paired up to 8 GB of RAM And a terabyte of 7200 revolution per minute hard drive storage space.MSI included a 500GB hard drive with connectivity provided by 802.11 b/g/n.

MSI explain its design and functionality. “Meet MSI’s most versatile All-in-One PC. Meet the MSI AP16 Flex. An improved way of computing, delivered in a wide range of environments with touch functionality, responsive performance and flexible mounting options. World’s first 15.6″ LED backlit 10-point touch convertible device. The easily interchangeable Multi-Mode features of the Flex All-in-One PC provide an effortless, enjoyable user experience anytime, anywhere. The AP16 Flex’s unique rotating kickstand can be flipped back 90 degrees to act as an upright stand for use as an All-in-One PC or attached to wall or cabinet for use as a large display tablet“.

It based on a 6-Watt Quad Core Processor by Intel®, MSI All-in-One PC delivers decent computing power whereas saving energy at the same time as well. It is a fanless design that make zero noise, so it will be entirely silent during use that make environment more comfortable.

This new MSI Pro 16 Flex Windows 10 PC will be available in the market began at the start of April and you can directly purchase from the MSI® site although as yet the company has not announced the pricing details of all-in-one computer system.