Lenovo Announced Two Low Priced N-series Laptops

lenovo N23

Lenovo recently launhed two new low priced N-series laptops designed for K-12 institutions. Both feature a ruggedized design including hinges, reinforced ports, spill-proof keyboard and anti-peel keys.

The Lenovo N23 is a Windows model while the N42 has a Chrome OS. Both share similar design features purpose-built for the K-12 market. They include a variety of ruggedized features. including stronger hinges, reinforced ports, a spill-proof keyboard, and anti-peel keys.

The N23 comes out with Microsoft Windows 10 and its measures 11.6 inches, and is actually a convertible. It’s capable of laptop, tablet, tent and stand form factors. The Lenovo N23 also has an Intel processor, all-day battery life and an HD IPS panel for crystal clear computing over a wide range of viewing angles. It is available with up to 8GB of memory and up to 128 gigabyte of storage.

lenovo N23

While the Lenovo N42 lacks some of the Windows model’s features, it has a very important plus the N23 doesn’t – a significantly larger screen size. The 14.0 inch screen makes it well suited to students that need a device that handles apps which benefit from the larger screen. The Lenovo N42 Chromebook comes with up to 4 gigabyte and up to 32 gigabyte of storage. It’s also less expensive, with pricing starting at $USD 199

In simple word, the N23 convertible has a Windows 10 OS, and an 11.6 inches multimode form-factor with four unique positions, including laptop, tablet, tent and stand.

The challenge in the K-12 devices market is differentiating from a pack of competitors – all the big PC OEMs and almost all of supporting players are in it – in a market which is extremely price sensitive, so doesn’t have a lot of room to add differentiating features.