Mionix Wei RGB mechanical keyboard is designed for both gamers and artists

Mionix Wei RGB Mechanical Keyboard,

Following the launch of the Castor flavors earlier this year at it conferences 2017 usa. we’re now finishing the desk with the release of the mechanical keyboard Wei, a clean set of Keycaps in Frosting, French Fries and Ice Cream colorways as well as a line of crisp long Pads with the already iconic fast meals sample.

Wei is a full size mechanical keyboard extraordinaire, crafted in a low profile aluminium body, powered by macOS and windows software program and to pinnacle all of it off we threw in full RGB lights and Cherry MX switches

Mionix Wei RGB Mechanical Keyboard Design

The Wei is a fantastically designed, significant mechanical keyboard that measures 5.51 x 17.32 x 1.57 inches and weighs 2.09 lbs. As we ca see from the photos, the keyboard indicates off a swish, minimalistic look design, and the aluminum top and stable rubber base supply a top class feel and durable production. Meanwhile, the fully customizable RGB backlight brings you customized light effect using its software program.

Mionix Wei RGB Mechanical Keyboard,

Mionix Wei RGB Mechanical Keyboard Features

The Wei RGB mechanical keyboard comes ready with Cherry MX red switches so one can offer a comfy and correct typing experience without a major click on noise. Moreover, the usage of its software program, you can additionally remap keys and report macros based totally on exclusive demands including gaming and operating, and the easy keycaps are exchangeable. iIn addition, the extendable cable helps you to extra simply set up the keyboard to your desk.

Mionix Wei RGB Mechanical Keyboard Price

The Wei RGB mechanical keyboard is priced at $159.99 USD and already available to sale on Amazon. In case you are still inquisitive about this new mechanical keyboard, then jump to Amazon for its more details.