Modern Website Trends To Watch


While there are some universal conventions that have been around since the internet was first invented, websites are in a constant state of change, and trends are always evolving according to what matters to the public and individual brand identities. While I can’t say for certain what the biggest trends of the coming years will be, I can certainly make a few observations based on the present…


Dark Aesthetics

The whole of 2015, and the first half of 2016, was dominated entirely by minimalist design and a lot of light colours. Now, however, we’re seeing a lot of professional website designers move towards darker aesthetics. One of the convenient things about this re-emerging fashion is that it’s a total breeze to take your old designs and turn light colours to dark colours with a few clicks. As long as the colours that you accent are providing some kind of contrast in terms of the big picture, adding a darker aesthetic is a great way to stir new interest in an old design.

Geometric Features

From circles to squares to triangles to any other shapes you can think of, geometric accents are becoming a massive trend in modern web design. This can be a tricky one to apply, as there’s a fine line between geometric features being subtle and effective and too verbose or flashy. Don’t make geometric shapes too obvious and loud, and use them to provide interaction cues to your visitors. You can also use geometric designs to create interesting, almost patchwork graphics to augment a background image. Just make sure to keep the squares fairly large, and the colours fairly light.

Oversized Typography

Many pros have been using oversized typography for some time, and the trend is only going to get bigger and more commonplace as time goes on. From single-word landing pages that welcome the user to content with interesting typefaces and distinctive colours, the text on your site is becoming more important than ever before. Although it’s not fitting for every business website out there, a bit of oversized typography can give your site a potent splash of originality which will seize an idle browser’s attention and hold it. Take a look at other websites in your niche and what they’re doing with their typography. This will give you some inspiration, and also a view to make your design more distinct.

Not-Quite VR

VR is the hottest tech going at the minute. While the full-on headsets don’t have much practical application with web design (yet!) there are still various features you can apply which aren’t quite VR, but are close enough to make your users remember it. 360-degree videos are becoming more and more commonplace, as seen in this BMW virtual tour. These kinds of features have the aim of making the user feel like they’re really taking part in something, and not all that keen to leave this interesting, virtual world! As you can imagine, producing these VR features isn’t cheap, but it will certainly set your website apart from the pack.