Razer unveils the Huntsman Elite and Huntsman gaming keyboards


Razer Huntsman and Huntsman Elite have been released as the brand new mechanical keyboards with special Razer’s Opto-Mechanical switches. The newest keyboards are claimed to offer a key actuation at a much faster speed – 30 percent faster than conventional mechanical switches. This splendid achievement comes from the advanced proprietary switches that use an infrared (IR) light beam to precisely locate actuation whilst a secret is pressed. Razer additionally claims that the new keyboards come with as long as 100 million keystroke lifespan, while the keypresses will provide a similar tactile experience of the Razer green switches. The Huntsman with the standard Chroma lighting comes with a charge tag of $149.99, even as the Huntsman Elite is priced at $199.99. Both are available for purchase globally beginning today.

The Huntsman Elite and Huntsman are both from the same series however both one offers special features. Even though each one flaunts the same matte aluminum top plate and the opto-mechanical switches advertised via Razer, some sizeable variances separate the two.

The simple model gives the same old vast layout with Chroma LED lighting for all keys. The Elite version takes it up a notch with greater multimedia buttons and a dial, which might be all customizable.

Additionally, other details together with Chroma underglow lighting fixtures and a removable magnetic wrist rest, which additionally has its personal underglow LEDs, make it stand proud of the normal version.

Both models are actually to be had at the professional Razer product page. The Huntsman price $149.99, while the Huntsman Elite retails for $199.99.