The importance of a PSIM system for situation management What is PSIM?

importance of a PSIM system

PSIM or Physical Security Information Management was introduced in the 2000s to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the physical data world.  In essence PSIM is software that integrates the multiple disparate physical security systems and devices(such as cameras, door systems, communication systems and operating procedures) an organisation has, and therefore allows better security decisions to be made by having a holistic view based on real data in real time.

importance of a PSIM system

In summary an effective PSIM collects data, analyzes the data to identify the situation and priority, verifies and presents the information in a digestible format, provides a recommended resolution, and reports on the events and provides an audit trail.

Example of PSIM in Action 

  1. A Gas sensor was triggered and sent an alert to the PSIM system
  2. PSIM checks for any change in pressure and displaysthe necessary  video feeds that helpto verify the specific alert
  3. PSIM will access the relevant sources of information
  4. PSIM than correlates the data with the rate of the pressure change and the environmental information and thenit will display the GIS plume model
  5. PSIM will than locate and will assign tasks to the personal that are themost suited to respond.  Using a mobile device, the PSIM will initiate a procedure and ask the responders: “Initiate Evacuation?”  If responder answers
  6. “Positive” PSIM will activate an evacuation procedure and display the relevant GIS layers for the evacuation.

Real Life Benefits of PSIM 

By integrating all the physical disparate security systems and devices it obviously increases the security effectiveness of an organisation by allowing it to make better security decisions.  Also with the insight that a PSIM quickly provides it actually improved business efficiency by allowing quicker decisions to be made and reducing the resources required.  Qognify, the leading PSIM provider has reported these real life benefits from organisations using its PSIM solution, Situator:

  • 75% increase in response time at a major US electric utility company due to detection validation, automated response and workflows in place for real-time action.  This greatly reduced risks in safety, security and operation.
  • A 75% reduction in 2,000 weekly ‘gate access denied alerts’ at a large corporate complex.  Using Situator, instant verification of these alerts was made possible reducing security manpower drain and allowing personnel to focus on essential activities.
  • Saving $1.4M in labor costs annually with the ability to monitor remote facilities 24/7 by consolidating the management of the remote locations.  Not only were costs savings made but the monitoring of al l the locations significantly improved.
  • Managing 14 sites to 250 sites without increasing personnel at a large US based utility company through capabilities such as automation of tasks, integration of systems, and remote viewing and verification.
  • 60% reduction in incident response time at a European rail network as well as a significant decrease in operational downtime through the instant availability of real-time integrated situational information

The Importance of PSIM 

PSIM empowers organisations to make informed decisions quickly to ensure that the right action is taken at the right time.  The ability to identify unfolding events, manage them effectively and mitigate their risk can potentially save lives and cost.