The Tech You Need On Your Desk


The tech items that your business needs to succeed are significantly different to what you need as an individual. In the office, your desk is your space. It is the place where you get your work done, where you spend your day (and occasionally your evenings!) Therefore it is in your best interests to make that desk as functional as possible. This means keeping the most important items close at hand.


So what are the most important items, you ask? They are items that make you more productive, of course. A better output of work has many benefits. It means you are using your time more effectively. It means tasks are getting completed efficiently, rather than dragging on for hours and driving you mad. Plus, of course, you’ll build a great reputation with your colleagues and managers if you become know as someone who gets stuff done.

With this in mind, here is a guide to a few technological items you should keep on your desk.

A wireless mouse

There will be some items on your desk that you can’t avoid having wires attached to. Thankfully, your mouse is not one of these items! A wireless mouse isn’t just great because it doesn’t come with a tangle of wires. You can also use it on colleagues and clients computers easily. You just need to move the USB port wireless mouses come with into their computer. Or, if you have a Bluetooth Wireless mouse, access it that way.

A roll up keyboard

We all know that we can type faster and more easily on a familiar keyboard. A roll up keyboard isn’t just useful on your desk. Like the wireless mouse, you can take it with you. It can be transported easier than a plastic or metal keyboard too. Most roll up keyboards are made from rubber, or something similar. This means that they can withstand being put into different bags and suitcases. They also take up less room, thanks to the fact that they can be rolled up.

A personal printer and scanner

Stop wasting time waiting in line to use the office printers and scanners. Also, cut down on the time spent walking there and back, especially if it is on a different floor. Instead, invest in your own one. If you do a lot of printing and scanning, or at least something every day, it will be worth it. You may even find that your business will let you claim the investment back on expenses. Or, if you have your own at home that you rarely use, bring that into work instead. Just be sure you don’t let everyone else in the office use it too!

A portable USB hub

There is one thing that is often getting sacrificed as computers and laptops get smaller. Memory grows, screen resolution grows… and prices grow! But the amount of USB ports of offer shrinks! This is very unhelpful when you consider that you power many of your desk items via USB ports. Counteract this problem with a USB hub. Make it a portable one so you can take it with you to meetings or events if needs be.

A mug warmer

While neither fancy or glamorous, a mug warmer is an often over-looked desk item. If you are a busy person, you could find that your coffee is often going cold before you get to it. This may mean multiple trips back and forth to the kitchen to make a fresh one. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a personal assistant, the mug warmer is your new best friend. Get on that is powered via USB socket, and doesn’t have a very long wire. Just be sure to warn colleagues around you when it is switched on! Your coffee will stay hot for much longer. This will free you up for far more important things than waiting for a kettle to boil.

A set of headphones

Having just one set of headphones that you take everywhere puts you at risk of forgetting to take them to work one day. Have a pair that you leave at work at all times. If they’re expensive, you might want to consider putting them in a locked drawer at the end of the day. A good quality set of headphones will come in useful for many things. They can be used if you need to watch a tutorial online, or a presentation. Or, of course, if you just want to block out the sound of that annoying colleague telling you about his weekend… again!