Things to Look for When Picking a Domain Hosting Provider

Domain Hosting

If you are thinking about starting up your own website, you are going to need a domain hosting provider. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of hosting providers from which to choose. Narrowing down your search can be a daunting task, but there are a few things to look for that can help you choose the best domain hosting provider to fit your needs.

Domain HostingCustomer Service

One of the most important things to pay attention to when choosing a hosting provider is the customer service. If you are paying for a hosting service, you want to ensure that you can get in touch with your provider in the event something goes wrong. Make sure that it offers several ways to contact customer service representatives, including phone, live chat and email support. Also check that it has online documentation of frequently asked questions for you to reference quickly to get answers to some of your questions.

Disk Space and Bandwidth

These are two key features to look at. While they might not be extremely important when you first start your website, these could become pressing issues as your website continues to grow. For those who don’t know, disk space refers to the amount of space your website is allocated. Some hosting providers give you unlimited space, while others charge you extra depending on the size of your website. Bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic your site is allowed during a given period of time. If you expecting your website to be big, ensure that you are allocated a large bandwidth. Otherwise, potential visitors will be kept from accessing your site.


Uptime refers to how often people are able to access your website online. No hosting provider can guarantee 100 percent uptime because all websites have to come down at some point when hosting companies do maintenance on their servers. That being said, most hosting companies offer a 99.99 percent uptime. You should be wary of companies that offer much lower than that. After all, if you’re paying a company to host your website, you want people to be able to access it.

Ensuring that your domain hosting provider offers these features should put your mind at ease. Don’t just choose a hosting provider because you have heard of it before. Any company can get its name out there if it’s willing to pay enough in advertising. Instead, look at the features the company offers, and make sure they are features you need.