Private Detective? Top Tech To Get The Job Done

Private detective

As a current or aspiring private detective you will face many instances where you need that extra bit of help to prove someone has done wrong. Whether chasing a cheating spouse of looking for cases of business sabotage, there are many cool futuristic technologies out there that can be the difference between succeeding at your job or failing miserably. The life of an investigator is a tough one and only so many are known to be consistently successful. Here are some security components that can give you the edge and the best outcome possible.

Private detective

Phone Tapping

You may need help from your client to get the software installed, but there are all kinds of phone tapping you can do to get the information you need to prove your case. Whether you use an old fashion phone bug or something more modern like a complete cell phone spy package. You can track them, listen to calls and read messages. Each of these things are vital to all kinds of investigators as these days the majority of people do everything through their own smartphone. Of course you need to be wary, your target may use two separate phones so be careful. But for the most part if you get a key phone tapped your job will be over pretty quickly and the result will be a resounding success.

Hidden Camera

Again, this may need the help of your client, or you may have to sneak somewhere you shouldn’t be going. But a hidden camera can capture all kinds of incriminating evidence that can really help you succeed. Whether it is microscopic and can hide in a vent or slightly bigger and needs more thought given to the hiding it can be a great addition to your repertoire and a true case buster. Just make sure you don’t need to break into somewhere illegally to get it installed. You can get a motion activated camera to save you having to sift through hours of video, as soon as the target enters a location, the camera will activate and start recording.

Night Vision Goggles

If you are stalking someone or a goings on at night then you may need these to see what is going on. They can be a great addition as they only need minimal light to be able to totally see in the darkness, meaning you won’t miss a trick and can see exactly what is going on. They are a must if you have a target which frequents night time meetings. In a similar vein you should also consider binoculars, which can help you observe situations without getting too close. You can get all different kinds with smaller less powerful ones to super powerful that can let you watch your target from miles away.

Voice Recorder

You need these to capture audio. People often say incriminating things more than they do incriminating things. If you can’t bug a phone consider placing a recorder to pick up on the one end of the conversation. The information you get can finish a case pretty quickly.