The Ultimate Remote Security Cheat Sheet!

Android Security

The world of smart technology is expanding at a rapid rate and even if you don’t know it yet, you are a part of it! With Apple and Android apps being developed at a rapid rate, the market for home security being controlled remotely using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is booming. Of course, not every home security company offers services that are interactive, but the most advanced apps and systems out there will offer the ability to connect to your phone or computer to the home network. Only 40% of homes in the UK have a working burglar alarm, with most people thinking that a dummy box on the house is enough to deter criminals.

Android Security

With security in the home being hugely important, the ability to set up alarms, unlock gates and control door locks is one that is almost futuristic for most. However, this IS the future and it’s happening right now!

How many times do you check the windows and doors before you leave the house? Do you ever get to the bus stop and panic about the garage door being left open? It’s actually quite fun to be able to control things in the home while out and about and top mobile apps that secure homes should be your first stop. You’ll never need to panic about the door locks again! You can set up dummy cameras around the house for your protection, or you can go one better and set up actual security cameras that are connected to your phone. This way, wherever you are, you can log in and check out what’s happening around your house.

Home security apps connected to phones and tablets aren’t just for locking the doors, either. There are several things you can do to secure the home remotely including:

  • Controlling door locks
  • Adjusting lights on and off
  • Changing the temperature. Imagine popping the heating on before you get home!
  • Close the garage doors
  • Set up emails and notifications if there is an incident at the home

Turning your house into asmart home could be the smartest thing you ever do for your family. Setting up alarms, automated lighting and cameras is one thing but if you go away, you need to be able to check in on things. This is especially true if you don’t have anyone nearby you can trust to check up on things in person. You can also go one better and set up your phone so you can play music at any time you choose. It’s a great way to pretend to be home when you’re not.

Looking for a provider that will offer remote security monitoring should be a priority. While there may be a lot of security and alarm companies available, looking after your own home remotely can give you a sense of control and responsibility. Grab that control with both hands. Step into the future with a mobile phone app that can literally give you eyes in the back of your head!