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What’s the Best Way to Spend Money on Your Company’s Tech Strategy? »

These days, it’s imperative for every single business out there to have some kind of tech strategy in place. There is no way to find real success without having one.…

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Modern Website Trends To Watch »

While there are some universal conventions that have been around since the internet was first invented, websites are in a constant state of change, and trends are always evolving according…

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Mobile & Gadgets

Spotify Connect Will Allow You To Select Your Sonos Gear »

spotify and sonos

Spotify and Sonos have long been associated with the each other, but the relationship has become even closer as you…

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TomTom Has Officially Unveiled Its Second Fitness Tracker, The Touch Cardio »


TomTom has announced its second fitness wearable, the new Touch Cardio, it joins the TomTom Touch with Body Composition. That…

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Breathometer Mint Measures A User’s Breath & Gives Them Some Useful Tips »

Breathometer Mint

Do you have bad breathor even gum disease and wish you had a way to monitor the situation in your…

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Won’t Launch At Mobile World Congress »

Samsung Galaxy S8

For years, Samsung has used to announce its latest flagship of Galaxy S series smartphone ahead of Mobile World Congress…

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Maserati Confirm That It Would Sell Its First Electric Car By 2020 »

Maserati Alfieri

Maserati has just announced the proper plan through which the company would be launching an Electric Maserati Alfieri by the year 2020. The Alfieri — a name that might not be retained for the production — will be offered both as a coupe and as…

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Final Fantasy XV, A Special One-Off Edition Of Audi’s R8 Sports Car Can Be Yours »

Horizon over land

Audi announced the uniquely designed Audi R8 featured in the Final Fantasy 15 feature film Kingsglaive is going on sale for an impressive $469,000. The Audi R8 Star of Lucis, as it’s called, is the result of a collaboration between German carmaker and Square Enix,…

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Tesla Model S Can Now Add A Glass Roof Option »

tesla model S all glass roof

The electric car company, Tesla has announced a new roof option for the flagship Model S sedan, and it aims to remove all the barriers between passengers and the sky above: an all-glass roof. This new option is a $1,500 upgrade that will force would-be…

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Building A Gaming Rig »

Building A Gaming Rig

So, you want to get into PC gaming? There are plenty of options for you then! You can use your pre-existing laptop or desktop, you…

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3 Wonderful Benefits of Online Gaming »

star wars battlefront

Gaming these days is such a fun and popular pastime, and it’s growing in stature every year. People are finding more and more ways to…

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PS4 Pro Will Be Available On 10 November & Will Cost $399 »


Sony took the wraps off its PlayStation 4 Pro, and it packs an intriguing amount of power and features unforeseen in the console world. It…

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Consumer Electronics TV

Cutting The Cable Cord: Alternatives To Expensive TV

In times gone by, cable TV was the only way to catch up with your favorite shows and watch the occasional movie. And it’s fair to say that almost everyone was in a type of TV…

Feb 21 2017 / Read More »
Energy Backup Generator

Backup Power Plans For Any Business

One of the big underlying risks of running a manufacturing business is power outages and blackouts. You’re constantly running electrical processes in your premises, and all the time when your equipment is down you’re losing money!…

Jun 29 2016 / Read More »
Healthcare fitness

Strong is the New Healthy

Are you overwhelmed by the excess of information on health, fitness dieting, weight loss and the never ending list of foods that may, possible, perhaps contribute to cancer? IT’s enough to make even the most determined…

Jan 27 2017 / Read More »
Telecomm LTE Network

DOCOMO And Huawei Confirm LTE Network Over Unlicensed Spectrum

NTT DOCOMO, INC., a personalized mobile solutions provider for smarter living, together with DOCOMO Beijing Communications Laboratories Co., Ltd. and Huawei announced today that their joint test has successfully demonstrated that LTE can be deployed over…

Aug 22 2014 / Read More »

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